In May of 2012, I received an email that began my journey on the road to design. The email contained a message informing me that my t-shirt design was selected for a conference held at Oregon State University. Winning that contest encouraged me to look for more opportunities. That’s when I stumbled across Threadless. At the time, I had little experience and one print under my belt. I hardly understood the amount of effort it would take to become a designer. In time, I had a small handful of submissions accepted for voting on Threadless. Just as I began to lose confidence, Dan Yingling—Threadless Artist Liaison—informed me that they wanted to print my second (ever) submission. In response, I naively (and most excitingly) sent Dan a 72ppi JPEG image of my design. At that point, I was transferred over to Leah Fagan—Product Creative. She brought light to the issues I was completely unaware of. Of course, I pretended like I knew what I was doing. With much time and dedication, I learned new skills and began developing knowledge in the field. Concepts such as screen printing, color separation, and layers were all new to me. Luckily, Leah was patient and kind enough to lend me a hand. Finally, in May of 2013, Threadless introduced Sea Salt to their Summer Select Collection! That was my first real mile marker on the road to freelancing. Since then, I completed my degree in graphic design and began working as a professional in the industry! Check out my most recent work and keep an eye out for more designs coming your way!